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Skye is a Fairy that was enslaved by Irene McAllistair in the human world after her ancestors were left behind in the Fairy Migration to Fillory.


Skye was the fairy slave of Irene McAllistair until Julia saves her.  Sky was used by Irene McAllistair as an in-home fairy slave. Irene made her do her laundry and cook for her family while she cut parts of her body off, one most importantly her leg, in order to create fairy dust which helped fuel her magic during the time that the well-spring was offline. 

Skye is the first one that Julia helps that enables Julia to discover her goddess path laid out by Persephone


After years of enslavement, Skye is a very shy and timid person. She is full of self-doubt and doesn't trust people very easily but stayed hopeful that people actually do want to help her escape her fate.

Magic and Abilities

  • Fairy Physiology: As a fairy, Skye has access to innate fairy magic which she can wield to her desire. As a magical creature, she has magic independent of any outside source.
    • Fairy Magic: Fairy magic is mysterious and ill-define. Skye was shown to create a rose out of thin air without the need of hand gestures or any prior training.
      • Conditional Invisibility: Fairies are typically invisible to regular humans and can only be seen by those who have struck deals with them.
      • Levitation: Fairies are able to levitate in the air unaided.
    • Longevity: While not immortal like Deities, fairies have extremely long lives that "dwarf even the dwarves". An average fairy have been shown to live as far as 400 years.







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