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"You are what you are, so I'm here."
"What, a Pices?"
"Travellers are rare. Hadn't been one at Brakebills in 35 years, I guess."
"I get it, it's an amazing gift."
"It's a terrible, life-destroying burden."
―Stanley and Penny[src]

Stanley was a Brakebills alumni who was contacted to mentor Penny on his Traveller abilities. When The Beast began targetting Travellers to secure Fillory for himself, Stanley shot himself to get away from the psychic assault.


Crystal saw
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Brakebills Alumni

Stanley attended Brakebills University, where he was sorted into the Psychic Magic Discipline due to his nature as a Traveller, and later participated in the school's Mentorship Program as an alumni.. at someStanley was the mentor to Victoria Gradley, another Traveller, before she and her classmates went to Fillory.

Mentoring Penny

"I'm Stanley. I'm your mentor."
"Yeah, I didn't ask for a mentor."
"I don't give a shit."
―Stanley and Penny[src]

In 2015, Stanley was contacted to mentor another Traveller at Brakebills named Penny. He told Penny that there hadn't been a Traveller at the school for the last 35 years, explaining that it was a rare ability that was going to destroy his life if he didn't control it.

Magic and Abilities


  • Traveller Physiology: Stanley was a Traveller, a magical hybrid capable of teleporting throughout the Multiverse without the use of the Wellspring's magic. Due to his ability to read minds, Stanley was sorted into the Psychic Magic discipline.
    • Telepathy: Stanley could read the minds of others. When the Beast began targeting Travellers, Stanley was driven to kill himself to escape the psychic assault.
    • Teleportation: Stanley is able to teleport anywhere in the Multiverse. After accidentally teleporting to the top of Mount Everest, Stanley instead relied on astral projection while exploring the Multiverse.
  • Magician: Stanley is a classically trained Magicians and alumnus from Brakebills University.



  • Anchor Sigil: After accidentally teleporting to the top of Mount Everest, Stanley tattooed a sigil on his neck to prevent him from physically moving through the universe, restricting his Traveling to astral projection.


  • Shotgun: Stanley used a shotgun to kill himself in order to escape the Beast's mental assault on Travellers.





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