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Stephanie Quinn is the wife of Daniel Quinn and mother of Alice and Charlie Quinn.


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Stephanie Quinn appears to be very self centered when it comes to her daughter Alice. Stephanie has been open about favoring her son Charlie, who was a top student at Brakebills, and struggled to get over his disappearance and assumed death. She appears to struggle with boundaries, prefers to be called Stephanie instead of Mom, holds grudges, and is overall cold to her daughter. Stephanie has been open about the affairs she has had outside of her marriage, and has made comments about how she is a better mother than her own was.

After Alice becomes a Niffin, her parents hold a memorial service and alice’s father requests Quentin’s help with completing an Egyptian mirror ritual that would put Alice to rest. After Daniel falls and hurts his knee, Stephanie takes over the completion of the ritual as it must be completed by a blood relative. The ritual involves speaking truths into a mirror, and Stephanie begins speaking in her self-centered, selfish statements such as “Alice was lucky to have me for a role model”. The mirror cracks due to these being lies. Quentin points this out to Stephanie who begins telling the truth that she did not understand Alice and never made an effort. Stephanie becomes too emotional to complete the spell.

Magic and Abilities

Magician: Stephanie was a graduate from Brakebills University,indicating that she had completely mastered and finished their classic curriculum of Magical education, indicating Stephanie possessed immense skill and power over magic.

    • Cooperative Magic: Stephanie was shown to be skilled enough in cooperative magic to perform powerful spells together with her Husband and Daughter,as seen where she was implied to have assisted Daniel in placing the various complex-enchantments in their home and assisted Alice in creating the Mirror Beacon together.


Gifted Intelligence: Stephanie is also shown to possess gifted intellect, seeing as she had graduated Brakebills as an Alumni and completing her schooling in their classical curriculum, indicating that she was intelligent enough to understand the complex magic theories taught in their Curriculum and apply it into the physical world in order to perform magic.


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