Daniel "Stoppard" Kikuno is a powerful Horomancer who came into conflict with Penny and Marina Andrieski.


Helping his Mother

Daniel is the son of Sonia Kikuno, the pioneer of the Horomancy discipline. Due to Sonia's experiments with cinnabar, her mind was severely damaged and was detached from time. Daniel would help her maintain her watches that kept her mind in the present.[1]

Conflict with Marina and Penny

"I just want you guys to go back to your timeline where you belong. Look, it's nothing personal."
"People in cages is never not personal, sweetie."
―Stoppard and Marina Andrieski[src]


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Magic and Abilities


"You know this kid?"
"Not personally. He's kind of a legend, though. He's a Horomancer. You know, time magic, fourth dimension shit."
Marina Andrieski[src]
  • Magician: As the son of the pioneer of the Horomancy discipline, Kikuno is a powerful Magician, having studied the discipline from his mother, Sonia. He was able to create a device capable of transporting people into alternate timelines and was able to help his mother counter the effects of cinnabar used in her devices. Marina Andrieski later described his magical ability as legendary.


  • Stoppard Cube: A Cube invented by him to travel across different timelines.
  • Tuning Fork: Stoppard used a tuning fork to read the quarks, or subatomic frequencies, of Marina and Penny.
  • Deweys: After capturing Marina and Penny, Stoppard used Deweys to power his Cube to return them to Timeline 23. He later used them to power a second Cube and return to Timeline 40 after Marina and Penny escaped with his original.





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