Sylvia worked for the Library of the Neitherlands to hide from her father's enemies. Upon her death, she worked for them in the Underworld branch of the Library.


Sylvia was put in charge of supervising a newly-recruited Penny while he reshelved books. She assisted Penny in his plan to enter the Poison Room of the Library, which they accomplished by entering the room's fountain in The Neitherlands. However, while inside the Poison Room, the two were exposed to deadly amounts of radiation. Sylvia refused Penny's attempts to save her, which gave him enough time to escape as she succumbed to the radiation.

Due to her contract, Sylvia continued to work for the Order of the Library of the Neitherlands in its Underworld branch. After Penny's death, the two met again in the Underworld, and Sylvia explained that she was trying to work off her time to be with her father, who had also recently died.

After meeting with Hades and gaining the means to leave the Library's service, Penny passed the opportunity onto Sylvia, who left to be with her father.


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