The Book of Alice Quinn is the complete biography of Alice Quinn.


When Penny accidentally teleported to the Neitherlands after touching a magical button, he ended up in the Library of the Neitherlands, where he found Alice's book on a shelf with Eliot Waugh, Quentin Coldwater's books.[1]

Zelda Schiff read Alice's book after Alice refused to eat when she was imprisoned in the Library to find a solution. When Zelda offered Alice a plate of bacon, Alice realized she read her book and taunted her, asking if Zelda read about the times Alice had sex with Quentin Coldwater, making Zelda uncomfortable.[2]

When Alice and Santa Claus escaped from the Library, Alice stayed behind to take the books of her and her friends so The Order couldn't track their movements. Alice was recruited by Christopher Plover, who promised to help her rewrite their books if she helped him find a world where he could live in peace.[3]

After Alice escaped, Zelda suggested that the Governing Council read her book to determine if she was a thread, which Phyllis stated was against protocol. When Zelda asked if there was an alternative, no one had a suggestion, so the Council voted in favor of reading Alice's book to track her. Zelda reported that Alice's book stated she was working at Callister Brewing Co. in Portland, but later discovered that Alice had rewrote her book's ending and couldn't rely on it any more.[4]


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