The Book of the Binder is the complete biography of the Binder.


The Book was written by Cassandra after she was cursed with foresight by a god. After helping the Librarians Bacchus, Iris, Aengus, and Heka transfer the energy of a set of twin gods to themselves, the Binder was cursed by the gods to live within his Book, which the gods later placed in the Mirror Realm to hide any evidence of their deed.[1]

Thousands of years later, Alice Quinn discovered the Binder's book in the Mirror Realm while attempting to restore Harriet Schiff after she was refracted during her time in the alternate dimension. Quinn delivered the book to Julia Wicker, who released the Binder from his prison in order to figure out why her magic wasn't working.[2]

The Binder agreed to help Wicker on the condition that she destroy his book when he was done. Wicker later promised to burn the book if the Binder went with the goddess Clarion in exchange for her help when Penny Adiyodi's powers went out of control.[3]


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