The Losses of Magic is the third episode of Season 3 of The Magicians. It is also the twenty-ninth episode overall.


Alice and Quentin visit Alice's parents; Kady and Julia explore new methods to heal Penny.


Alice and Quentin

Alice is searching after a kitten in a forest, catches it, and goes to her parents' house. The house has a lot of mess inside, her mother says that all of the architectural enchantments collapsed when the magic vanished. A heavyset friend of her parents, Carol, is visiting (Alice didn't recognize her because she used to use illusion magic to look thin). Alice's kitten seems to growl at Carol, making Alice suspicious.

Quentin calls Julia to say that his father is worse, and he's going to see him.

Alice explains to her father than the Lamprey is after her. She deflects questions of what she did to it, but she suspects it's inside Carol. Alice says the Lamprey is vulnerable to lightning, and constructs an electric shock rod; she uses it on Carol, but it has no effect (except Carol gets angry and leaves). Alice's kitten screams and runs out the door. Quentin arrives, says he's there to help, he saw the kitten. (Dad thinks he sees something moving strangely in Quentin's neck, but can't convince anyone else.)

Alice finds Quentin lying on the floor, and he's flustered: he was carrying the Lamprey, but it left him. He says he (the Lamprey) could have killed Alice at any time, but the Lamprey didn't want to. (Inside the house, we see something peeking out from inside ventilation ducts.)

(Alice's Mom vents to Quentin for a while on what is probably a common experience of thousands of Magicians around the world: magic is gone, all the things we like to do are gone, it's not safe anywhere, it turns out we weren't paying taxes on the house for thirty years, and now we're losing the house, are we supposed to go get jobs, we don't know how to do anything, maybe our dead son Charlie got off easy.)

Alice, when pressed on what she did to the Lamprey, says she tortured and murdered all of the Lamprey's family, to see what kind of magic they had, and also because when they die that have pretty sparkles. She did the same for others as well. She is making no attempt to tone done how bad she was as a niffin. Asked by her Dad, she says, as a niffin, there was nothing she wouldn't do for knowledge. Checking a book on the life cycle of magical parasites like the Lamprey, she realizes that the Lamprey doesn't want to kill them, it wants to plant eggs in them to hatch (and kill the humans) later. After several false starts (suspecting Mom, then Quentin), Alice realizes that the Lamprey is in her Dad.

(After the buildup of the Lamprey as a major enemy, the Lamprey speaking through Dad is, like Dad, calm, understanding, considerate, and a little tired.) The Lamprey (in Dad) complains that Alice killed his family. She says it wasn't her, it was her niffin, but he says she's lying, her Dad could always tell when she was lying, so what did she learn from their torture. She says again, it wasn't for knowledge, their deaths ended in pretty sparkles. The Lamprey says Quentin still loves her, and also Dad has a weak heart, so he might not survive being zapped; he thanks her for being honest and says he's going.

Alice zaps Dad with the shock rod, he collapses, and the Lamprey crawls out of his mouth. Dad revives, and Alice kills the Lamprey with the shock rod until it's dead (and evaporates into pretty sparkles).

She gives Quentin a potion that should kill any eggs left behind. They discuss their relationship, and Alice says, she's a new person, and she can see that Quentin sees in her only the old Alice.  Alice's Mom calls out: Dad is dead.


The Muntjac is on the ocean, and Eliot says he hasn't been able to make the First Key do anything. A pirate ship comes near and attacks. As the pirates and Fillorian sailors fight, Eliot, Fen, Fray, and Benedict Pickwick take refuge in the royal cabin. Eliot notices a keyhole on the door that wasn't there earlier, and puts the First Key into it. The glow of a portal appears.

(Eliot, Fen, and Fray are not seen again in this episode.)


In Fillory, the Fairy Queen has ordered Margo to cause a mushroom field to be created, and the farmers are reluctant. A message arrives: The Muntjac has been captured by pirates. Tick Pickwick says that the fastest ship could get there in a week. Margo goes to the Fairy Queen and asks her to help Eliot, but the Fairy Queen says it's not her problem. Margo convinces her that she needs Fillory to be a strong kingdom, so saving Eliot matters. The Fairy Queen lets them use "pegasus" to get there; Margo brings two courtiers, Tick Pickwick and Gillen; the Fairy Queen allows them to see her as well.

Margo, Tick, and Gillen arrive on the Muntjac, after the pirates have taken control. They see the Fairy Queen is also with them, with Margo's eyeball in a pendant. Tick remarks that his family is famous as pickpockets, and nods to Margo's captive eye. Margo allows him to try, and Tick does steal the eye.

Margo meets with the pirate captain, but wants to see Eliot first. She goes to the royal cabin, and the only person there is Benedict Pickwick in an ornate robe, who says, "Hi, I'm High King Eliot." The others aren't there.

Margo and the pirate captain meet, and besides money, the pirates want to mate their ship to the Muntjac (they are the same species of conscious tree). Privately, Tick says this would be traumatic to the Muntjac, ships involuntarily mated often never sail right again. The Fairy Queen appears and hears all this. They all go back to the room where the pirates are, and the pirates are all dead. The Fairy Queen says you're welcome, she says Margo stood up to the pirates like a queen, but give me back the eye. Also, Margo should remember this lesson when people won't make mushroom farms for you: be strong and kill someone. Margo refuses, and the Fairy Queen, at random, picks between Tick and Gillen; she whispers in Gillen's ear, and says she's planted in him a song that he doesn't like, and now will never leave, so he'll go mad. Margo gives the Fairy Queen the eye, crushing it as she does so.

Julia, Kady, and Penny

Julia finds Kady, and Penny looks terrible. Kady has a ritual that could save him, but it involves summoning a demon, and needs all of the magic in the battery. (As they are buying supplies, a homeless lady sees Julia, looks possessed, and tells Julia "you're missing the signs, we thought she'd be further along, we'll have to push you." Then the lady's possession ends.)

They do the summoning of the demon, who does psychic surgery on Penny. As he does this, Penny appears standing in the room (in a nice suit), he's done astral projection out of his body.

The demon finishes the surgery, removes the cancer, and seals the wound, but Penny stops responding. He's dead. Penny the astral projection looks on, astonished.



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