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The Magicians is the sixth book of the Fillory and Further series, written by Jane Chatwin. The book was used by Jane to correct the fictionalized adventures of her and her siblings in Fillory used in the series.


The book was originally given to Quentin Coldwater by a disguised Jane Chatwin prior to his acceptance into Brakebills University. After completing his enrollment, Quentin returned to his dorm to find the book missing and asked his roomate, Penny, if he'd taken it as a prank. After Penny denied having took the book, weeks later, Quentin used a locator spell to trace where it was last and discovered that Penny had read the book and thrown it away after having spilled beer on it.

Penny, after being harassed by Quentin about its contents, explained that the book was written by Jane, not Christopher Plover, and was her attempt to amend Plover's series of their adventures.<ref name


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