The Side Effect is the seventh episode in the fourth season of The Magicians, and forty-sixth episode overall. It aired on March 6, 2019.


Kady goes to the flea market; what Zelda has been up to; all about Fen.


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Penny is in his office of the Library of the Neitherlands Underworld Branch when Derek enters. Penny explains that he wanted to discuss where Derek shelved the book of Matilda Freemont, in the "Disappointing Prodigies" section of the Library. Derek stated that Freemont was unremarkable because she mastered the flute at the age of seven, but grew up to become a mediocre poet.

Penny asked whether Derek read Matilda's brother's book, explaining that she saved his life and in turn helped him to become one of the world's greatest philanthropists. He then asked if Derek read the books he had lent him prior, though Derek states that he skimmed through them more than actually reading them; he read where Alice Quinn helped open one of the Order's pipes of magic and accidentally helped blow up the Modesto Valley College Library, while Quentin Coldwater and Julia Wicker used a mummy to find the next of the Monster's organs.

When Penny asked where Derek would file his friends' books under, Derek suggested that Quentin and Alice could be filed under either the "Star-Crossed Romances" or "Well-Meaning Failures" sections, and everyone else would be filed under "Side Characters in Epic Quests", causing Penny to feel offended slightly. Derek explained that Quentin was the center of the story, the one that Jane Chatwin picked, and Penny countered but suggesting that Derek favored Quentin merely because he looked similar to him.


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