"It's from German folk tales. It's a demon who creates a pocket world where all your fantasies come true, and then feeds off your happiness."
"So, it's a joy junkie?"
Alice Quinn and Kady Orloff-Diaz[src]

Traumessers, also known as Pleasure Demons, are demons that feed off the happiness of others.


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One such demon was used to guard the Unity Key as a favor for Prometheus to test a certain group of questers. Disguising himself as Todd, he trapped Josh Hoberman for weeks, creating a pocket dimension of the interior of the Physical Kids' Cottage where everyday is a party and waited for his friends to arrive.[1]

Characteristic Traits

Traumessers are shape-shfters and are able to assume the forms of others. In their true form, they resemble a bald human male with yellow eyes.

Traumesser 1

A Pleasure demon and his pocket dimension.

They appear to wield considerable power. As a magical creature, they have magic independent of the Wellspring and uses it to create pocket worlds that appeal to all the fantasies of their targets which they then use to feeds off their happiness. Their pocket worlds are such that it allows magicians to perform magic, albeit only party tricks, during a period when the old gods cut off magic from all worlds.

Despite this they are said to be not malevolent. Some even appear to have a friendly relationship with gods and appear helpful to magicians.


  • Traumessers appear to originate from Germany and speak with a German accent.


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