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Travelers are Magicians who possess the natural ability to move between worlds throughout the Multiverse. A rare breed of hybrids, Travelers are regarded as the most powerful and knowledgeable of all Magicians.


The collection held by the Order of the Library of the Neitherlands is largely the work of Travelers, with many of these Magicians documenting their exploration of the Multiverse and collecting knowledge from its worlds.[1]

In the spring of 1883 on Earth, Brakebills University hired professor Neeny Bigby as its first non-human professor in the school’s history, paving the way for the institution to broaden its curriculum by moving beyond human-centric teachings to include theoretical studies of other worlds. At the dawning of the 1900s, Brakebills sought to recruit a Traveler adjunct professor to conduct further research into the Multiverse and train the influx of newly identified Travelers that had started to crop up amongst the new classes of students.[2]

Hyman Cooper, a student during the 1920s, was trapped while using his powers to astral project into the women’s showers and became known as the “pervert ghost of Brakebills”.[3]

Stanley, a member of the school’s Alumni Mentorship program, was assigned to Victoria Gradley and Penny Adiyodi when they were identified as Travelers. Due to his own experience with his powers nearly killing him, he resorted to tattooing an Anti-Traveling Spell on his neck, limiting his abilities to astral projection, and instructed his students to do the same. Gradley initially followed his instruction, but eventually broke the spell when she chose not to fear her abilities, while Adiyodi’s was later removed by professor Mischa Mayakovsky, who agreed to train him to control his abilities while attending a semester at Brakebills South.[4][5] Gradley, however, was later captured by the Beast during an adventure with her classmates to Fillory for spring break, becoming one of the missing Third Year students of the 2016 graduating class.[6]

Joe, a Traveler from a world that practices sex magic, was initially part of a love affair with Stephanie Quinn until the two were discovered by her husband, Daniel. However, the two eventually developed a polyamorous relationship, including Joe as their third as his physiology allowed him to adapt for each of their needs. He was sought after by Alice Quinn and Quentin Coldwater after Penny was trapped in the Neitherlands, instructing the two in how to perform a ritual to help Adiyodi return to Earth using the Neitherlands’ Fountains.[7]

During the conflict between Jane Chatwin and The Beast, the Beast targeted Travelers in the 40th Timeline created by Chatwin to prevent anyone from threatening his claim to Fillory, causing many to kill themselves after suffering a psychic assault from the Magician, including Stanley and Joe.[8]

In 2020, the ambient magic level was increased due to the energy stored in the Secret Sea being released following the death of Everett Rowe, causing more Magicians to emerge with rare disciplines, including Travelers and Time Travelers, such as Plum Chatwin.[9]

Characteristic Traits

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Travelers have the appearance as that of ordinary humans. They are not exclusive to Earth and can come from others worlds as well.

The primary ability of a Traveler is to be able to transport oneself between places and realms. It is the only magical ability they possess that is independent of the Wellspring. They are able to modify the way they travel through spells that they tattoo on themselves such as to only travel the mind, or to bring others with them.

Aside from traveling, Travelers also possess the standard powers and abilities of magicians. Travelers are automatically sorted into the Psychic discipline and appear to possess telepathy by default.[8]

Known Travelers