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Travelers are Magicians who possess the natural ability to move between worlds throughout the Multiverse. A rare breed of hybrids, Travelers are regarded as the most powerful and knowledgeable of all Magicians.


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Characteristic Traits

Travelers have the appearance as that of ordinary humans. They are not exclusive to Earth and can come from others worlds as well.

The primary ability of a Traveler is to be able to transport oneself between places and realms. It is the only magical ability they possess that is independent of the Wellspring. They are able to modify the way they travel through spells that they tattoo on themselves such as to only travel the mind, or to bring others with them.

Aside from traveling, Travelers also possess the standard powers and abilities of magicians. Travelers are automatically sorted into the Psychic discipline and appear to possess telepathy by default.[1]

Known Travelers


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