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"Travelers are rare. Hadn't been at Brakebills in thirty-five years, I guess. There's no Discipline that has more power and more possibility."
"I get it. It's an amazing gift"
"It's a terrible, life-destroying burden.
Stanley and Penny discussing Travelers[src]

Traveling is a form of magic involving the transportation of a Magician to other worlds. Magicians capable of performing this form of magic naturally are known as Travelers, which are exceptionally rare. Due to this, a great emphasis on protecting a Traveler's own mind through the use of meditation is required.

Travelers are considered magical, a hybrid of magicians and an unknown creature. Thus it is an ability that is independent of the Wellspring.[1]


While Travelers have the opportunity to see things few will ever experience, those who do not learn to hone their aim can end up making deadly jumps off-target, landing deep underwater, on the peaks of mountains, or outside the Earth's atmosphere. There are no known methods of helping focus their abilities, but rigorous practice and training are advised to build precision. Stanley, however, created an Anchoring Sigil to bind his body to Earth, instead letting his mind Travel through Astral Projection. With a spell tattooed across their knuckles, Travelers are able to bring others along with their travels. Otherwise, they can only travel alone.

Furthermore, Brakebills University has never had more than one Traveler student at any given time, so the faculty group Travelers with the Psychics because of their shared ability to read minds. Most often the only training available is limited to the theoretical, leaving young Travelers with no option but to learn via trial and error. For this reason, the general life expectancy of Travelers is typically rather short.

Some see Traveling as a curse and opt to magically tether themselves to Earth, practicing Astral Projection instead of actual physical Traveling.

Other Travelers embrace their high-risk ability with a devil-may-care attitude, even taking others along for a ride, acting as a human bridge to the Multiverse. Whether they like it or not, Travelers alone holds the key to things the earthbound individuals cannot even fathom.[2]