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The Underworld is the dimension souls travel to right after death, it acts as a way station before souls reach their final destination. It was created by Hades and run by both him and his wife.


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Underworld Meadows

The Meadows is a place of transition that resembles a modern waiting room where souls staying while waiting to be sorted out to their fate, according to their karmic cycle. This place is managed by Underworld officials that deal with dispatching the souls, account for their transitions in the Hereafter, and archive the names and backgrounds of the deceased.


Elysium Our Lady Underground portrait

Julia observing Our Lady Underground's portrait

Elysium is a sumptuous, richly decorated place that resembles a real estate. This place is home to the souls and Shades of the dead, and is likely to be a place where Our Lady Underground used to reside, as one of her portraits is affixed to one of the walls and one of the souls said to Julia and Quentin that 'Ms. Persephone' usually spent time at the Elysium before her disappearance.


Although not shown, the existence of Hell is attested by the brochure read by Quentin in the Underworld Meadows. When Marina Andrieski was briefly resurrected by Julia and Kady she was afraid to go back into a dark place, possibly confirming her soul was confined in Hell. It can be inferred that Hell serves as a prison for dark souls, similar to "Tartarus" in mythology.[citation needed]


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