"Yeah, and there were, like, creatures or something."
"Questing Creature-- if you catch one, they're forced to grant you a wish. There's seven of them.
—The Writing Room

The Unique Beasts, also known as Questing Creatures, of Fillory are 12 rare and powerful creatures that each have their own special abilities.


Questing Creatures

Questing Creatures are 7 magical creatures created by Ember and Umber. They grant any wish to whoever is able to capture/corner them, though they cannot cross the boundary between life and death. Questing Creatures are required to grant the one who caught them a wish, otherwise they cannot rest.

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Characteristic Traits

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Known Unique Beasts

  1. The Questing Beast/Winter’s Doe: A white doe that grants three wishes to whoever captures it.
  2. Seeing Hare: A hare that can predict the future of whoever captures it
  3. Great Bird of Peace: A large, flightless cassowary-like bird that can stop fights with its presence.
  4. Unseen Monitor: A large lizard that can, if they wish, turn a person invisible for a year.
  5. Utter Newt: N/A
  6. Kind Wolf: N/A
  7. Parallel Beetle: N/A

  1. The White Lady: A white doe that grants three wishes to whoever captures it.[1]
  2. The Great Cock: The White Lady’s brother. He can sense magical items across the worlds that would prove useful to whoever captures him.[2]
  3. Lord Fresh: To be added
  4. Unique Dog: N/A
  5. Unique Rabbit: N/A
  6. Sixth Beast: N/A
  7. Seventh Beast: N/A


  • In the manuscript of The Magicians, the sixth edition of Fillory and Further written by Jane Chatwin, she mentions capturing a Questing Creature in order to acquire the ability to enter Fillory freely. Penny, the only person to have read it, misremembers the creature to either be a dog, a pig or a ferret.[3]
    • It is now generally assumed that the animal was in fact the White Lady.