"I took a bus from Urbana to Poughskeepsie, then taxis from there, as far as I could."
Alice Quinn[src]

Urbana is the tenth-most populous city in the state of Illinois outside the Chicago metropolitan area.


"I've never been to Chicago before."
"This isn't Chicago, it's the 'burbs."
Quentin Coldwater and Alice Quinn[src]

Daniel and Stephanie Quinn bought a home in Urbana, where they raised their two children, Charlie and Alice. After Charlie left to attend Brakebills University for Magical Pedagogy, Alice was left alone with her parents, who lead esoteric lifestyles and often neglected her, forcing Alice to learn magic on her own. In 2014, after Charlie died at Brakebills, Alice stole her parents' Alumni Key to the school and purchased a bus ticket to Poughskeepsie, New York before taking several taxis to travel upstate to investigate her brother's death when the school refused to reveal the details of his passing.[1][2]

Alice later returned to her parents' home with her boyfriend, Quentin Coldwater, to contact Joe, a Traveler her mom was having an affair with, and ask him about how to rescue Penny Adiyodi from the Neitherlands.[3] When Coldwater believed Alice had died following their final confrontation with The Beast, he traveled back to Urbana to attend the funeral for Quinn.[4] After spending time as a Niffin for several months, Alice made several enemies, including a Lamprey, who began hunting her after learning she was human once more. She traveled home to ask her father about ways to defeat the creature.[5] When Harriet Schiff needed help escaping the Mirror Realm, Quinn visited her mother for her help to complete a spell, but was interrupted by the arrival of Librarians Gavin and Mohammed, forcing her to activate her father's lockdown spell on the house.[6] Alice later moved back home after the death of Coldwater, where she spent her time mourning him while the Order of the Library of the Neitherlands attempted to recruit her to help restructure their organization following the loss of Everett Rowe.[7]


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