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Cerbinwydd Cerbinwydd 9 November 2018

List of Characters Adapted from The Magicians

This is a list of characters who originally appeared in the Magicians series and were later adapted to the SYFY TV series. It is a work in progress that will include items, locations, and organizations from all three books and the upcoming graphic novel.

  • 1 Characters
    • 1.1 Introduced in The Magicians
    • 1.2 Introduced in The Magician King
    • 1.3 Introduced in The Magician's Land
  • 2 Items
  • 3 Locations
  • 4 Organizations

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Cerbinwydd Cerbinwydd 6 January 2018

Site Maintenance - To Do

  • Characters: Character articles needing rewrites, expansion, and cleanup; articles under construction until deemed complete according to Manual of Style.
  • Locations: Create articles for locations explored canonically - TV and series - and fill out redlinks for New York, based on what is explored in the series, and for planets. The Neitherlands' location articles need to be better fleshed out.
    • Points of Interest: Specialized articles concerning locations of importance explored within the series. (ex. the Fountains of the Neitherlands, Safehouses, etc)
  • Items: Articles need to be created for objects and magical artifacts present in the series.
  • Species: Articles need to be created for Humans, as well as any other species found in the material.
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