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  • Cerbinwydd

    This is a list of characters who originally appeared in the Magicians series and were later adapted to the SYFY TV series. It is a work in progress that will include items, locations, and organizations from all three books and the upcoming graphic novel.

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  • Cerbinwydd

    Basic Magician Template

    August 24, 2018 by Cerbinwydd
    • Quote
      • Articles should have a quote by, or about, the main subject of the article.
    • Description
      • The beginning of the article, before the first section, should be a (relatively) small general description about the topic of the article.

    • The main section should be titled Biography for character pages, where information about the character should be written with an in-universe point of view.
    • The main section should be divided if the character has recurring appearances, with a sub-section for each of them.
      • The title of these subsections should never be the name of the season he appears in, instead, it should be named matching the event it's been described, as these too should be written with an in-universe point of view.
    • This section should always be writ…

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  • Cerbinwydd
    • Galleries: Character (main and recurring) and episode galleries take precedence over any other, such as for items or locations.
    • Locations: Create articles for locations explored canonically - TV and series - and fill out redlinks for New York, based on what is explored in the series, and for planets. The Neitherlands' location articles need to be better fleshed out.
      • Points of Interest: Specialized articles concerning locations of importance explored within the series. (ex. the Fountains of the Neitherlands, Safehouses, etc)
    • Artifacts: Articles need to be created for objects and magical artifacts present in the series.
    • Species: Articles need to be created for Humans, as well as any other species found in the material.
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