• Quote
    • Articles should have a quote by, or about, the main subject of the article.
  • Description
    • The beginning of the article, before the first section, should be a (relatively) small general description about the topic of the article.


  • The main section should be titled Biography for character pages, where information about the character should be written with an in-universe point of view.
  • The main section should be divided if the character has recurring appearances, with a sub-section for each of them.
    • The title of these subsections should never be the name of the season he appears in, instead, it should be named matching the event it's been described, as these too should be written with an in-universe point of view.
  • This section should always be written from the character's point of view, not from the point of view of characters that interact with him/her/it.
    • This must be specially considered in the case of "mentions". When a character is mentioned, the event that must be highlighted in his article is the mentioned fact, not the mention itself. (e.g. [Character A] did [Event], not [Character B] said [Character A] did [Event])
  • Only official and canonical information should be added in this section, avoiding information from non-canon media, and speculation, even author, cast or crew's speculation.


  • Next section should describe the characters personality as seen in his different appearances.

Magic and Abilities

  • Next section should describe magic used and/or abilities possessed by the character if any.
  • Magic and abilities must be formatted as a bulleted list describing each individual magical feat/ability, whose name must be in bold.
  • The section may contain certain classifications where applicable.
    • Abilities can be classified as Master level, Expert level or Average level. Average level is not actually listed, with only the terms corresponding to the ability being used to represent that basic level. (e.g. Thief →‎ Expert Thief→‎ Master Thief)
    • The List of Powers and Abilities collects the only abilities that can be added to character pages. If a specific ability added to an article does not appear in that list, it must be either reworded or removed.


  • A bulleted list with a small description of the different Weapons and Items and used by the character, and the instance where they used them.
    • Every item and weapon must have a link when available, either an internal link for a Magicians franchise-specific item, or an external link to general Wikipedia for common items, such as firearms.


  • A list of people the character has relationships to, with the name and the relation that links to them.
    • When this list has many entries, it can be divided into Family, Allies and Enemies sub-sections.


  • A list of canon appearances of the character.
    • A collapsible list template should be added once the list exceeds the number of ten different bullet points.
    • Should be sorted in order of In-universe chronology, not the historical order of appearance or publication, as these too should be written with an in-universe point of view. (Appearance based on Episode/Book order)
  • These are de facto references or sources, but they are listed separately because they are in-universe references.
  • Appearances within flashbacks should use the tag "flashback" with a smaller font.
    • In case a particular media (a specific book or TV episode) has different flashbacks, each flashback should be listed in a different bullet point in case another different media takes place chronologically between those flashbacks.
  • Should includes smaller mentions or references in dialogue, narration, or visual appearance, such as archive footage.
    • When mentioned, the tag "mentioned" should appear with a smaller font.


  • Curiosities about the character, easter eggs, or references to other fictional appearances of the character, especially their book counterpart if they have any.

Behind the Scenes

  • Real-world information about the character, such as casting decisions, descriptions or statements about the characters.


  • A list of the referenced media in the main sections of the article.
  • Link to the gallery and/or the quote collection if any exists, using the adequate template.

External Links

  • Section called "External Links" even if there is currently only one link.
  • Links to other official sources, mainly pages in the general Wikipedia.


  • Every article should have at least one category
  • Categories should be listed in order
    • Media Appearances
      • Book Appearances
      • TV series Appearances
    • Physical characteristics
      • Species
      • Gender
      • Hair Color
      • Eye Color
    • Affiliations
      • Every different affiliation must be listed in chronological order
    • Occupation
      • Profession if different than their affiliation
    • Out of Universe Categories
      • Magicians
      • Bilingual Characters
      • Unnamed Characters
      • Deceased Characters
      • Characters Killed By ...
        Keep in mind that the character needs to make a physical appearance in a media to be categorized as that media's character. If the character is only mentioned by some other character the character should be categorized only by as Mentioned Only Characters category, but not as that media's character. Other categories should be used as usual for these kinds of characters.