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"Plover wrote about her, called her the Winter's Doe. She lives in the Darkling Woods, just past the Flying Forest. It's not far from here. We could hunt her together."
""Let's go hunt the White Lady"? People like me get shot for saying shit like that.
Quentin Coldwater and Penny[src]

The Winter's Doe, also known as the White Lady, is one of the seven Questing Creatures of Fillory.


Captured by Quentin Coldwater

The Winter's Doe was first seen by Quentin Coldwater at Retreat during his recovery. The next day, Quentin and Penny tracked and captured her, hoping she could grant their wish. When the Winter's Doe told Quentin she could not bring Alice Quinn back to life, he instead asked her to send him 'home', and she transported him back to New York City.[1]

Death in the 23rd Timeline

After Alice Quinn from the twenty-third timeline resurrected Quentin Coldwater, he defeated Martin Chatwin and became the new Beast. After defeating Martin, Quentin killed and ate the Winter's Doe, leaving nothing but her horns afterward.[2]

Magic and Abilities

  • Magical Creature Physiology: As a Questing Creature, the Winter's Doe possesses her own magic independent from the Wellspring, allowing her to grant wishes even when the Wellspring was tampered with by Ember. As one of the seven Questing Creatures of Fillory, she has the ability to grant those that capture or corners her three wishes.
    • Reality Warping: The Winter's Doe must grant their pursuer a wish. However, she has her limits as well. By her own admission, she cannot bring someone back from the dead nor can she restore Niffins to their human form.
    • Limited Omnipotence: The Winter's Doe could tell that Quentin Coldwater had been "rebuilt" by the Centaurs, as well as his status as a king of Fillory.





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